Monday, December 2, 2013

Nov 16th. Quilters Day Out saw a great turn out of Busy Quilters!

Show & Tell was great with Jocelyn and Mary F showing us their quilt tops they made when they participated in the "Mystery Quilt" making at Fall Retreat this year. They are awesome! The same and yet oh so different!
*Judy showed us her kitty wall hangings! They are so sweet!
*Coralee showed us her "Sun Mt. Trees Quilt she made and quilted she called it "Ode to Papa" in memory of her Dad ...very inspiring!

Coralee and Dorothy  attended "International Quilt Festival" in Houston Texas, and they gave an great presentation on what they did, what they saw, and their overall impression of it!  IT WAS BIG! "TEXAS STYLE"  and very inspiring! They are both willing to go again, and would love to have more company from our area join them!

SPRING RETREAT! is Booked! March 7-9th. we will begin the planning stages in January.

CHRISTMAS GALA! event... to be held Dec. 14th. at Sue's home. Starting at 10:00 am, you can bring along your sewing machine, or hand sewing, and/or join in on the "Snow Dying" activity ..all of you have received a supply list you will need to bring with you if you intent to join in. Looks like old man winter has provided us with the required snow for the day!

Remember this is a Pot Luck!, and for those who wish to participate ...there will be a "Bring a Gift, Take a Gift Exchange"--Homemade items are Welcome!

ROUND ROBIN EXCHANGE! will take place at the Christmas Gala, so for those of you who are participating in this ..please bring back your "Pizza Box" and we will do the exchange of boxes before we leave,....Remember! This is A SECRET event...DO not PEEK into your box until you get home!!

Mini Workshop: Jan 11th. Coralee will demo the new Lock Block Rulers that she purchased at the International Quilt Festival!

Thanks to everyone who shared their day and activities with us! As usually we enjoyed an awesome lunch!

 After the meeting we all went back to our sewing machines, and worked merrily on personal projects or the Flannel Baby Quilts that Coralee is leading the group in.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

New Season has Begun!

Well the 2013-14 Quilting Season has begun!

 Hard to believe that another summer has passed and we are well into fall!  I always enjoy the beautiful golds, and reds, and oranges all around in nature, but that White on the Mt. tops ..............(less said the better perhaps!)

Oct. 5th. saw 7 ladies come together at the Houston Library conference room to share Show and Tells, start in on new projects, and plan ahead for new projects for the up coming quilting season!

We will be offering several "mini workshops" that are planned for at this time. With many more to be proposed in the future we hope!

The Christmas Party this year will be held on Dec.14th. and once again Sue has offered her home for this festive afternoon!

At the Christmas Party with Sue's kind and daring co-operation, (thanks Sue!) we will be hosting our first Mini Workshop ... "Snow Dying"  Yah I said that "S" word! Yecch! but maybe in this instance I can reconsider my feelings with regards to "the white stuff" ... A complete list of supplies and materials you will want to bring in order to participate in this activity will be delivered to you  at the Nov. Meeting.

Deb and Pamela will be working out a plan for acquiring   the need dyes to do this. Should be a hoot!

The next Mini Workshop will be Jan 25. Called by Pamela "Leaf by Design" more on that at the beginning of January!

We also have a group of 4 who have committed to doing a "Round Robin" this year! Yay!! We are going with only 4 members in each Round Robin group as this will give a person 2 months to complete each round of border, they need to design according to the rules set out and be ready to pass the "Box" on.

If there are more people interested in joining in a Round Robin, please let Pamela know, we need a 4 people per group... Sue says she would like to join in and is looking for 3 more people to join her group. All members have all ready received the PDF file via email as to the rules and how it works. Questions, and enquiries please let Pamela know. Need to get that block ready for the next QDO in October!

So last but not least please check the sidebar of this blog page, as we are still in need of QDO Hostess!
If you can please email Pamela and let her know what date you would like to Host that would be great!
 We thank everyone for their kindness in advance in doing their Hostess day!.

That pretty much sums it up ... Next QDO will be held at the Anglican Church as we were not able to book Oct. 19 at the library there is another user group all ready book in.

But the Nov. 16 meeting and forward will see us once again meeting at the Library.

Happy Stitching Ladies!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Quilts that all of you "girls" and our "friends" made for the apartment building fire have been delivered to Houston Community Services! 

Myrna, Pamela, Marianne, Verna, Dorothy, & Deb were on hand to deliver the quilts. 

I would like to take a moment to thank "All the Cut Loose Quilters" and "The Friends of Cut Loose Quilters", and the Bulkley Valley Credit Union (who helps to fund all our fire quilts projects) 

Everyone of you are the Most Amazing Ladies! In short order this summer the call went out, and within 2 weeks the call had been answered and in 3 weeks they had been delivered!! Considering we started with 4 Completed Quilts! no time at all 11 more quilts were made!

And you did not stop there!! 

2 more Quilts were made and have been given out to the Town House Fire Families, and to the Trailer Fire also! 

A Grand total of 18 quilts were made and delivered! 

Quilters,who's Love of Quilting, and Love for our Community... Coming together to make our Town A Great Place to Call Home!

Monday, October 8, 2012

CQA/ACC Canadian Quilt Conference: The Show Poster

CQA/ACC Canadian Quilt Conference: The Show Poster: Only 2 1/2 weeks to registration!  Check out the poster for the CQA/ACC Quilt BC 2013 Conference.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall 2012 /2013 Season has resumed!

Welcome back everyone!  It certainly turned out to be an awesome summer here in our little valley! Since July no or just a few drops of rain! ... no threatening forest fires! ..and now the most glorious fall full of bright yellows and reds! is back in!! "for those of you with school kids".

So the first Quilters Day Out was held at the Library this past Saturday.

With 6 ladies coming together to get back at it! ... and one lunch time visitor we all commenced our next quilting season!

Coralee showed us here awesome Double Wedding Ring with a slight twist quilt! Magnificent  Someone is going to be a delightful recipient for sure!

Linda worked on her "Grandmothers Garden" I give her personal stars as this quilt is all hand stitched! and she has produced an amazing amount of squares already!

Mary R and her Mom worked on a delightful baby quilt using a sweet panel and pinwheel blocks surrounding the panel .. it is going to be sooo cute! Mary also worked away at quilting a wonderful homey flannel quilt .....

Dorothy showed us her completed Timeless Circle Quilt! Beautiful!! and started working on a community quilt using the stack of half square triangle blocks someone donated to the group and she is assembling for a quilt.

Kim dropped in to say hello ..great to see you Kim!

And Pamela put the borders on another Quilts for Japan Crane quilt! So it was a GREAT DAY of Quilting and lots of Giggles were enjoyed by all!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cutloose Quilters Deliver Hugs and Cuddles

Community Childrens Quilts are made and delivered! These quilts have been given to Sharron to be distributed to children within the community of Houston.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

QDO Oct. 29th.

Busy Busy Day! appeared that all the members were there and present during various times of the day! Everyone was busy cutting, snipping threads, and sewing or just chatting and enjoying the day! We had three drop-in visitors who stopped in to see what we do, and had a cup of tea and cookie with us also!

The meeting was very well attended and Coralee and Jocelyn did an excellent job of keeping us all on track and covered many topics!..although it was a little long, the topics were many, and being the first meeting of the new year much needed to be re-visited, refreshed, reminded, refiled,...........and due to the majority of our ages ..yes we will probably "re-visit" somethings again! (-; ... however as Coralee indicated ..if there are no agenda items to discuss on the meeting days ....we will just sew instead!! Right On!!  Thanks Ladies for being the anchors and the glue that keeps us together, and focused!

And!...we had a "Little Visitor!" it was great to see Oren  and Heidi!

 He is such an awesome little fellow!! He cuddled into any set of arms that were offered and seemed to quite enjoy the whole visiting activity immensely!
He was sooo cute in his little Halloween sleepers !!

Before Heidi and Oren headed home for a little bite to eat and rest after all the visiting, we gave them a toddler quilt that several of the Cutloose Girls made for him! ..With the inspiration of Deb and Sharon, the Quilt was planned , the Cutloose Girls made the blocks of "many type"s! then Deb put them up on the design board and shuffled them about until just the right groupings were found , then Pamela sewed the blocks into the quilt top and quilted it with little cars all over it! Our Awesome Card Maker Mary F designed and made the cutest little baby card to give to Heidi also! We all hope he will enjoy snuggle-ling in it , or hiding under it, and just dragging it about behind him for many years to come! 

So as this posting is getting rather long I will end it here...and over the next several days will continue to add items of interest resulting from the meeting and QDO on Oct. 29
To come in future posting...
Photos of the awesome, and magnificent cupboard a gentleman made for us to put our stuff in at the library!
Information with regards to the up coming Dianne Janzen Workshop to be held this Spring at Rough Acres!
and any other news that arises over the course of the next month! 
Keep checking back!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Quilters Day Out on Saturday!

Second QDO This season will take place this Saturday at the Library! thank you Ena for hosting this QDO!

So bring your projects to work on, or just stop down to visit have a coffee or tea and share and join us for lunch or just stop by to say HI!

see you on Saturday!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Quilts for Japan Project

This Spring Coralee spearheaded in our area  the "Quilts for Japan" project, and collected quilts from Queen Charlotte Islands to Valemount to be delivered to Calgary and destined for Japan.

This project saw her delivering over 221 quilts to Calgary where they were gathered, boxed, and eventually shipped by container along with quilts from all over North America to Japans Earth Quake Survivors!

They have now reached Japan and have been delivered to young and old and are very much appreciated.

Everyone in the Pacific Northwest of B.C. were so giving! and we would all like to thank Coralee,  for organizing the  collecting and taking of the quilts to Calgary!

Thank you also to all the people who" donated quilts, pieced tops, those who sandwiched and quilted several quilts," and to the "Binding People!" All of you were awesome!

                                               Quilters helping others "One Stitch at a Time."

Mary and Jocelyn putting on bindings!

Suzanne, Coralee, Pamela and Jocelyn showing some of the Quilts before they are vacuumed packed and on their way to Japan.

I believe there were 10 quilts per bag on average!

Vacuum  bagged and ready to be load into the car!

The car is loaded, just enough room for the driver and navigator!

Coralee and Kathy from "Kathy's Quilt Shop in P.G." loading in quilts from PG and McBride Quilters! 
Wow! is that Car Full?!!

And so the Quilts Arrive to their destination in Calgary! Thanks Don and Coralee for delivering them for all of us in Northwest B.C.!

This last photo is complements of Bev Rogan of Calgary the Spearhead for the "Quilts for Japan"  Project and Collector of the Quilts!

 Bev  and her awesome helpers collected, boxed labelled, and loaded the quilts (1000 or so quilts) into a Semi to be delivered to a container and shipped to Japan!
You can follow the path of the quilts to Japan, and distribution to some of the recipients on the" Quilts for Japan "Facebook page. There is a photo there of distribution and there are several Houston Quilts in the photo! 

The following Label was attached to each quilt.

Translation :
May this quilt keep you safe from harm
May it be your good luck charm
I do not know your name or the Mountains you face
What you hold in your arms is a quilters embrace.

Lyrics by Cathy Miller "the singing Quilter"
Used by permission of Cathy Miller.


More from Spring Retreat!

Hope you enjoy a continued stroll through the halls of fun, giggles, and creativity from the Spring Quilt Retreat!

Remember if you want a larger and closer view of any of the photo's just place your mouse on the photo and double click! You will load a large view of the photo!

Thank you Quilt Canada for your Kind support of our Quilters Retreat!
From all of the Attendees!

Hand Stitched and Hand Quilted from Recycled Fabrics!

one of Retreat Groups Block Quilts Assembled
Completed Quilts were sent to Japan!
Suzanne's "Scrappy Workshop Quilt" We did  this with
Donna's Guidence! Its awesome Suzanne!