Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Quilts that all of you "girls" and our "friends" made for the apartment building fire have been delivered to Houston Community Services! 

Myrna, Pamela, Marianne, Verna, Dorothy, & Deb were on hand to deliver the quilts. 

I would like to take a moment to thank "All the Cut Loose Quilters" and "The Friends of Cut Loose Quilters", and the Bulkley Valley Credit Union (who helps to fund all our fire quilts projects) 

Everyone of you are the Most Amazing Ladies! In short order this summer the call went out, and within 2 weeks the call had been answered and in 3 weeks they had been delivered!! Considering we started with 4 Completed Quilts!...in no time at all 11 more quilts were made!

And you did not stop there!! 

2 more Quilts were made and have been given out to the Town House Fire Families, and to the Trailer Fire also! 

A Grand total of 18 quilts were made and delivered! 

Quilters,who's Love of Quilting, and Love for our Community... Coming together to make our Town A Great Place to Call Home!

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Caroline Heinrichs said...

Wow, well done Pam and ladies, this is awesome, you girls just rock!