Sunday, October 6, 2013

New Season has Begun!

Well the 2013-14 Quilting Season has begun!

 Hard to believe that another summer has passed and we are well into fall!  I always enjoy the beautiful golds, and reds, and oranges all around in nature, but that White on the Mt. tops ..............(less said the better perhaps!)

Oct. 5th. saw 7 ladies come together at the Houston Library conference room to share Show and Tells, start in on new projects, and plan ahead for new projects for the up coming quilting season!

We will be offering several "mini workshops" that are planned for at this time. With many more to be proposed in the future we hope!

The Christmas Party this year will be held on Dec.14th. and once again Sue has offered her home for this festive afternoon!

At the Christmas Party with Sue's kind and daring co-operation, (thanks Sue!) we will be hosting our first Mini Workshop ... "Snow Dying"  Yah I said that "S" word! Yecch! but maybe in this instance I can reconsider my feelings with regards to "the white stuff" ... A complete list of supplies and materials you will want to bring in order to participate in this activity will be delivered to you  at the Nov. Meeting.

Deb and Pamela will be working out a plan for acquiring   the need dyes to do this. Should be a hoot!

The next Mini Workshop will be Jan 25. Called by Pamela "Leaf by Design" more on that at the beginning of January!

We also have a group of 4 who have committed to doing a "Round Robin" this year! Yay!! We are going with only 4 members in each Round Robin group as this will give a person 2 months to complete each round of border, they need to design according to the rules set out and be ready to pass the "Box" on.

If there are more people interested in joining in a Round Robin, please let Pamela know, we need a 4 people per group... Sue says she would like to join in and is looking for 3 more people to join her group. All members have all ready received the PDF file via email as to the rules and how it works. Questions, and enquiries please let Pamela know. Need to get that block ready for the next QDO in October!

So last but not least please check the sidebar of this blog page, as we are still in need of QDO Hostess!
If you can please email Pamela and let her know what date you would like to Host that would be great!
 We thank everyone for their kindness in advance in doing their Hostess day!.

That pretty much sums it up ... Next QDO will be held at the Anglican Church as we were not able to book Oct. 19 at the library there is another user group all ready book in.

But the Nov. 16 meeting and forward will see us once again meeting at the Library.

Happy Stitching Ladies!

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