Sunday, October 30, 2011

QDO Oct. 29th.

Busy Busy Day! appeared that all the members were there and present during various times of the day! Everyone was busy cutting, snipping threads, and sewing or just chatting and enjoying the day! We had three drop-in visitors who stopped in to see what we do, and had a cup of tea and cookie with us also!

The meeting was very well attended and Coralee and Jocelyn did an excellent job of keeping us all on track and covered many topics!..although it was a little long, the topics were many, and being the first meeting of the new year much needed to be re-visited, refreshed, reminded, refiled,...........and due to the majority of our ages ..yes we will probably "re-visit" somethings again! (-; ... however as Coralee indicated ..if there are no agenda items to discuss on the meeting days ....we will just sew instead!! Right On!!  Thanks Ladies for being the anchors and the glue that keeps us together, and focused!

And!...we had a "Little Visitor!" it was great to see Oren  and Heidi!

 He is such an awesome little fellow!! He cuddled into any set of arms that were offered and seemed to quite enjoy the whole visiting activity immensely!
He was sooo cute in his little Halloween sleepers !!

Before Heidi and Oren headed home for a little bite to eat and rest after all the visiting, we gave them a toddler quilt that several of the Cutloose Girls made for him! ..With the inspiration of Deb and Sharon, the Quilt was planned , the Cutloose Girls made the blocks of "many type"s! then Deb put them up on the design board and shuffled them about until just the right groupings were found , then Pamela sewed the blocks into the quilt top and quilted it with little cars all over it! Our Awesome Card Maker Mary F designed and made the cutest little baby card to give to Heidi also! We all hope he will enjoy snuggle-ling in it , or hiding under it, and just dragging it about behind him for many years to come! 

So as this posting is getting rather long I will end it here...and over the next several days will continue to add items of interest resulting from the meeting and QDO on Oct. 29
To come in future posting...
Photos of the awesome, and magnificent cupboard a gentleman made for us to put our stuff in at the library!
Information with regards to the up coming Dianne Janzen Workshop to be held this Spring at Rough Acres!
and any other news that arises over the course of the next month! 
Keep checking back!!

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