Monday, August 15, 2011

Quilts for Japan Project

This Spring Coralee spearheaded in our area  the "Quilts for Japan" project, and collected quilts from Queen Charlotte Islands to Valemount to be delivered to Calgary and destined for Japan.

This project saw her delivering over 221 quilts to Calgary where they were gathered, boxed, and eventually shipped by container along with quilts from all over North America to Japans Earth Quake Survivors!

They have now reached Japan and have been delivered to young and old and are very much appreciated.

Everyone in the Pacific Northwest of B.C. were so giving! and we would all like to thank Coralee,  for organizing the  collecting and taking of the quilts to Calgary!

Thank you also to all the people who" donated quilts, pieced tops, those who sandwiched and quilted several quilts," and to the "Binding People!" All of you were awesome!

                                               Quilters helping others "One Stitch at a Time."

Mary and Jocelyn putting on bindings!

Suzanne, Coralee, Pamela and Jocelyn showing some of the Quilts before they are vacuumed packed and on their way to Japan.

I believe there were 10 quilts per bag on average!

Vacuum  bagged and ready to be load into the car!

The car is loaded, just enough room for the driver and navigator!

Coralee and Kathy from "Kathy's Quilt Shop in P.G." loading in quilts from PG and McBride Quilters! 
Wow! is that Car Full?!!

And so the Quilts Arrive to their destination in Calgary! Thanks Don and Coralee for delivering them for all of us in Northwest B.C.!

This last photo is complements of Bev Rogan of Calgary the Spearhead for the "Quilts for Japan"  Project and Collector of the Quilts!

 Bev  and her awesome helpers collected, boxed labelled, and loaded the quilts (1000 or so quilts) into a Semi to be delivered to a container and shipped to Japan!
You can follow the path of the quilts to Japan, and distribution to some of the recipients on the" Quilts for Japan "Facebook page. There is a photo there of distribution and there are several Houston Quilts in the photo! 

The following Label was attached to each quilt.

Translation :
May this quilt keep you safe from harm
May it be your good luck charm
I do not know your name or the Mountains you face
What you hold in your arms is a quilters embrace.

Lyrics by Cathy Miller "the singing Quilter"
Used by permission of Cathy Miller.


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Good Earth Quilting said...

Great job on all these lovely quilts ladies!!
Looking forward to this fall and our first gathering again.