Friday, November 20, 2009

Getting Ready for the Show?

Well by now everyone is probably busy finishing up all their UFO's and putting on "hanging sleeves" in preparation for the quilt show! I can hardly wait to see the room all decked out in Quilts, Table Runners, Bags, and Various other items!

With regards to the "Rainbow Community Quilt" I am please to say it is Finished! Deb brought it up to me a week ago and I put it on the Longarm, and I have quilted it and put the binding on. On Saturday I will put on the Label, and the Hanging Sleeve and pass it over to Coralee for the Quilt show!

I have taken a photo of it and I  think that everyone will agree it is a real "Jewel" of color! I am very pleased with the quilting of it also! I hope all of you will agree.


Ena said...

WOW Pam, awesome quilting. Can't wait to see it tomorrow.

Pamela said...

Thank-you Ena, for the kind words, it is always nice to know it pleases people when you are doing it for others!