Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November 7th. QDO

Quilters Day out this past Saturday was Very Well Attended! It was great to see everyone again, after the summer quilting break! The room was just buzzing with the sound of sewing machines, giggles, and oooo's and aaaaa's! 

Here are some photo's of quilts that the ladies brought for show and tell!

This is "House Quilt #2" Wow! Mary R. and Company did an excellent job of putting it all together and Mary R and Coralee did a fantastic job of quilting it! Gotta love the various little houses (I confess the "little outhouse" tickles my funny bone! )

A look of it all from a distance!!

This Fun and Colorful quilt was created and sewn by Kirsty! Love her choice of colors and fabric pattern! I am sure that someone is going to be just tickled to find this on their bed!!

Pamela also brought her show and tell ... Optical Illusion in Black and White ...with just a splash of red!

It was a great quilters day out, hope to see everyone again at the next one, along with those who were unable to attend this time!!

and Remember:

A Bed Without a Quilt is Like the Sky Without Stars!

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