Sunday, November 29, 2009


Quilt Show 2009 was an awesome success! The Camaraderie of the Girls & Guys !... who worked so hard at setting up in an astonishing 5 1/2 hours to the ladies who came and helped during the show to the breakdown crew at the end who had it all down in a record breaking 30 minuets! ... You are Fantastic!! Special kudos' to Henk, who came and "shed a light" on the whole show!

I have put together some of the photo's that I took, I apologize  in advance if I missed a good straight on photo graph of any of the quilts (especially the small wall hangings) I tried hard to make sure I had all of them well centered however I believe I might have missed a few ...  so sorry they were all so wonderful!

EVERYONE you are ASTONISHING! We had over 500 people come through our doors! WOW! and we sold all but 2 GtoG bags!! Linda will give us an accounting of the donations earned latter.

Hats off to everyone you are the GREATEST!

Above Quilt on Quilt Rack was made by 9 yr. old Quilter!

I will have to wait for another day to put in more photo's as I have reached the max. for now .... check back soon to see more photo's of the quilt show!!

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