Monday, October 5, 2009

Fall is in the Air!

Do we recognize the signs of "Quilting Season"?

Snow on Morice Mountain .... Paths covered with golden leaves...the fall smells, and sooon...Thanksgiving dinners in the ovens!

Of course with all of these stimulating fall reminders..comes the "New Beginning" of Quilting Season!

A lively group of ladies came together October 3rd. to work on their UFO"S and G2G Bags!

Kim brought her "Gone Fishing" Quilt for show and is awesome!! It is difficult to show on camera, however each one of the fish are made so they stand out from the main surface of the quilt and they are just awesome! We are all pretty confident that a certain member of her family will be very happy to receive this quilt for Christmas!!

A meeting was held at 12:30 ..and several items were talked about...please refer to Linda's email for the minuets from the meeting.

In summary ....the Quilters Days out have been determined with several hostess days already filled however several more are still not filled ! So please let Linda know and me so that I can put your name in on the blog stating what day you have committed to! Please refer to the QDO schedule here on the blog as some of the requirements have been change this year as to what the hostess need to keep in mind on her day to host.

Thank you to everyone who has already put their names down, and thank you in advance to all of you who will be contacting us and selecting your date!

Happy Quilting see you at the next QDO!

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Kimmy said...

what a perdy quilt.. the one with the fishies.. im sure there are a few people around houston who would love to be getting that quilt for christmas.... nice to see another one finished...