Tuesday, September 8, 2009

You Just Never Know!

Fall is in the air once again and as of this morning the Children are all excited ..some will be going to school for the first time, others are looking forward to seeing school chums once again!

A memory that I still hold fresh in my mind about the first day of school was that standard first day essay ... "What did you do on your summer holidays?"

I would dread that request each year, as I felt that for the most part my summer holidays were pretty uneventful and not really worthy of an essay! Unlike some of my school chums who had traveled to see relatives in the parts far away from their home towns.

However for those of you familiar with my adult life you will know that my summers are nearly always full of "Ocean Adventures" and this summer was not an exception! I would like to share with all of you one such adventure!

This past Sept. Carl and I made our finial Ocean Trip of this season on our Trusty "Mistress". This voyage would find us traveling 26 miles by water South West of Prince Rupert to the little
Settlement of "Oona River" on the South East Corner of Porcher Island.

Oona River was established in the early 1900's by Scandinavian Settlers looking for a place to set down new roots. Today the community is home to approximately 30 families. The name "Oona River" is from the Tsimshian word for "Skunk Cabbage".

Oona River sports a Breakwater that is high and provides a very sheltered harbor and docks for any vessel who comes to spend time exploring the village and rest a spell out of the ocean surge.

The Docks are located at the mouth of Oona River and to visit the village one must take a short 1/2 km walk into "town". I would like to share with you some photo's of what you will see on your walk, and may I remind you of an old ant-age ..

"You just never know who you might run into!"

Oona River Harbour with the Docks nestled behind the breakwater.

Yes Oona River sports a "Canada Post Office" in the home of one of the residence!

The most colorful home in Oona River! You can only imagine my delight! (many of you know my love of color!) This home is called by the localsl the "RainBow House". Although it sports the colors of the rainbow it is not in the usual strong bold primary colors but in a most tasteful pastel rainbow!

A close up of their "Little House", painted to match the main house.

Now...to pay our dock fees we were asked to walk down to the "Rainbow House" to make payment. A task I was so delighted to do and was soon to discover yet one more delight when I arrived there and started to chat with the "Mistress" of the house.
Yep!....She is a Quilter!!
Her home sported several delightful wall hangings and quilts. So girls ...This is one Summer Holiday Adventure that you just would never expect to find when out bobbing on the "Salty Brine!"
I am now looking forward to next summer with a renwed enthusiasm as I would love to return to Oona River and Invite "Wendy" on board for a cup of tea ..and of course "Talk Quilting!"

Evening Photo of the Oona River Docks.

So I hope you enjoyed this ... my little essay to all of you on "What I did on my Summer Holidays!"

If any of you have adventures you would like to share, please email me your photo's (max. 5) and a essay detailing what you did who you saw and what the photo's are all about ..I would love to share them with the group here on our "Blog Page". Pamela


Ena said...

Did you know that Henry & Sylvia Seinen of Houston own a small cabin at Oona River? Very rustic, somewhere along a board walk - rough getting in apparently. THanks for sharing, it was fun to look and read. Love the Rainbow house.

Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed the photo journey ...Henry & Sylvia were not there when we were unfortunately ...... we would have enjoyed a visit with them. Oona River is such a fantastic place,,...and home to a Quilter also!!