Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Busy Saturday at Mary R's!

A group of energetic and focused ladies met at Mary R's home on Saturday and put together the bags that Linda H. had on hand ready to be assembled. It is my understanding that there are still a few bags out there at various homes, and Linda will be looking for them in November when we hold the quilt show.
Cool Bags Ladies!!

The ladies also assembled for the most part the 2nd. House Block Quilt!
Unfortunately they ran out of border fabric but Mary R. was going to Smithers this week so she was going to try and pick some more up!

Well as you can see they certainly did accomplish a lot and yes Andy did cook lunch!!
A great time was had by all!

Hats off to all of the "Helping Hands!"

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Anonymous said...

Mary and I have quilted this donation house quilt...and it will be ready shortly.
Pam and Deb booked the library for every second saturday in Sept, and I have taken the liberty of booking every second weekend until Christmas, for the group. I did not book the Thanksgiving I thought most would be busy! If after the Sept. get togethers it is decided that every second saturday doesn't work then we can cancel the Library Saturdays that are affected, in the meantime they are available and booked for us.
Happy September..see you hopefully on the 26th as we are enjoying the holidays..bye for now