Monday, March 9, 2009

Borders Mini Workshop

Well the QDO is fast approaching and it is time for me to let you know what you will need to bring if you are interested in participating in  " Borders"

**Could you please bring at "Least" one  12" x 12" piece of fabric to use as a "mini" quilt top. You will be making borders to put around this.  If you have a old Pieced block that you never figured out where you want to use it ...bring it.  It would be best if it is at least 10" square. Smaller will just be tooo small!

**You will need your cutting board, and rotary cutter, a pencil, a rotary ruler  and a 6" or 12" square ruler if you have one.

**Also pleases bring paper, pencil, eraser, and if you have it a few sheets of graph paper, and some pencil crayons if you have them.  (I still have pencil crayons left over from when the boys were in school!  )  A small CALCULATOR  will be helpful if you don't like doing math the "Old Way!"

**Please bring at least 3 small pieces of fabric that you can use to make borders around your square sample.  They should be complementary to each other and your "square fabric mini quilt top!"  If you want to make more than one border sample, you can either just add more borders to your square, or bring extra 12 x12 inch squares to border. Just bring more fabric to play with!

**This fabric should be fabric that you are willing to experiment with and not any of your "Most loved fabric!"

**If you have a small travel iron and a iron pad that you can place at your table that will be helpful also ... as we are working in the miniature, so it will be lots of ups and downs if you don't.
** of those "Mini" flat irons would work great also.

**So I think that that pretty much sums it up for supplies. 

Remember, if you have any finished projects you would like to bring and share for show and tell .... Wonderful!

The monthly meeting will begin at 12:30 sharp. ..."more or less" (<;

If you just want to come and work on your personal projects   ..... do not hesitate to do so ....its your day to play!  Run with it!

Oh yes Sharon, You can learn how to make "Prairie Points" border.

Some of the other possible borders that each of you might like to consider making are:

Easy Braid, Log Cabin Spiral, Flying Geese, Sawtooth, Stacked Bricks, Folded Ribbon, ZigZag,...and so on and so on!  

See you on Saturday!

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Thanks for the workshop Pam....enjoyed learning about