Thursday, February 26, 2009

Well Saturday is rolling around again and I am busy getting things organized so that the people who wish to participate can make bags for Grannies!  Dorothy was able to pick up some "pet screen" in Vancouver, however she was not able to purchase the beads.  

Soooo I am looking for someone who will be going into Smithers Thursday Feb. 26 or Friday Feb. 27th. to pick up some beads on webbing from Fabrications for us.  If you think you will be going in please let me know and I will give you the amounts we are looking for.

We will be making 20 bags.  If you would like to donate the fabric for a bag, the fabric needs to be cut ....1 piece 8"x36" long and 1 piece 2.5" wide by 36" long. so if you can pre-cut your fabric to these measurements that would be wonderful! 

Any fabric print is great!  Bold is great, Baki's ........... the mesh is black so it will go with anything!

For the people who wish to work on their own projects on Saturday  ....go for it! This is everyones day to enjoy as you feel!  

Also any completed projects to share ??? We all love show and tell!!

Until Saturday then, Keep Warm!

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Anonymous said...

just wondering, Heidi did you get yours finished? JB