Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Storm at Sea Workshop!

PLEASE NOTE! double click with your courser each photo and you will view a larger image!

Donna has sent me the info. package for the workshop along with 6 photo's of the samples that she has made of the project that we will be making on the Workshop Weekend!

Donna also sent me some Worksheets that you can color in with the colors of your choice so that you can design your project on paper prior to the actual cutting of the fabric.  This is a great tool to see just how the color choices you make will actually work visually when you use them.

I will be emailing to each of the paid participants the Workshop Supply List and Yardage information that Donna sent along with the worksheet so that you can print them out and color them in!

Here are the photo's of the samples she has made and will bring to the workshop.  She has told me that she is working on one more that she has not finished yet so that will be  a surprise sample when she comes!

The approx.. size of the the project for the weekend is 26" x 26" not including any borders that you might choose to add.

Having seen the photo's of the samples I am supper excited to do this!

Remember if you want to attend and you are a paid member you should consider registering with Deb prior to April first as on April first we will offer the remaining openings to past members and the general public.  There are only 3 seats available to fill as of today.

See you on Saturday, and I will bring the information and photo's for you to have a closer look at.  Donna has spoken with me on the phone and I can help you with most of your questions on Saturday, if there is a question I can not answer for you ...we will give Donna a call then.

Enjoy the photo's!  See you on Saturday!  

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