Tuesday, October 7, 2008


The the 2008/09 quilting season has begun! The first Quilters Day Out was very well attended with many people dropping in to visit, as well as a large number staying to quilt!

We were very happy to have Monique and Levi drop in and we gave them the community quilt that we had made for them!
It was very much appreciated, and Monique was very touched that we had made this for them!

During the Noon time Quilting Meeting many items were organized for the up coming season.

We set our meeting dates and several of the ladies attending have already selected their hosting date.

Here is a summary of our meeting.

Christmas Party Date was set ....check out the side bar for date, time and place, as well as the wind-up party date and time. Sue was kind enough to host both the Christmas Party and the Wind-Up party ! Thanks Sue!

Coralee will organize the Cookie exchange again this year and the same as last year we will do it at the Christmas Party.

We will also have a Christmas Ornament Exchange at the Christmas Party..."Bring one - take one home" method. We would like to see some "Quilters Ornaments" if you can manage it.

We also discussed holding a Spring Quilt Show this year ....everyone attending wanted to go ahead with it. We will try to hold it at the same location as the last one. We will be using the same format as before, thanks to Linda J for getting all the finner details organized for us the last time, this will make it considerabley easier to do this time around!

So dig out those UFO's and lets show off our talent once again!

Everyone was excited about having another Spring Workshop.,, so put on your thinking caps and lets see where we go with that!

We all seem to be a little tired of doing the friendship block exchanges so a Block a Month activitiey was disscussed.

Pamela has access to several Block of the Month programs so she will bring it to the Nov. quilters day out, and we can choose one at that time.

Several Mini Workshops were discussed and a couple have been finalized.

Dorthory will lead one on October 25th. Called Puzzel Piece table topper.
the supply list is: 10" x 40" iron on knit interfacing.
Freezer Paper, 10"x40" piece of batting or 4- 10"x10" pieces of batting.
Iron on Bias tape - 1/4" wide in black or a color to match your squares fabric.

Fabric choice : You will need a light, medium light, med Dark and Dark fabric. pieces about 10"x10" should do the trick.

If you would like to see the project just drop into "Home Hardware" and Dorthoy will have it there for you to see. Troy will know were it is if Dorothy is away !

A Quilt Challenge was put forth: Make a Christmas Table Runner, set of Placemats or a Tree Skirt. Use any Christmas colors or Prints and Any pattern. The technique used will be yours to choose ...traditional pieced, applequed, or paper-pieced. bring it to the Christmas Party to share!

For the next Community Quilt we will be doing something a little different. This Quilt will be funded by the funds donated to us by the Credit Union. Each person who participates/ and completes a block, will be given $10.00 for the cost of the fabric.

The block we are making this time will be a " HOUSE BLOCK" you can use any technique to make your quilt block. Paper pieced, applique, etc. Any fabric selection you like! Please use Cotton fabric to make your block. (not flannel)

Just remember: Each Block must be 12 1/2"x 12 1/2" square when finished!

If you have any further questions please give Pamela a call.

On Nov. 22 Suzanne will show us how to make a small "Color Washed" Wall hanging. She will demonstrate the stripped method of acheiving the finial item. More info about this will follow. on a latter blog posting.

Fees for this year will remain the same.

Well that pretty much covers the meeting.

Hope to see all of you at the next Quilters Day Out!

In the mean time ....keep on Quilting!

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