Friday, October 10, 2008

Gifts to Grandmothers

Linda H brought up an idea for our group to become involed in during our last QDO. She has become aware of a program that a group of Ladies in Kelowna have become involved in.

It is to help raise funds for Grandmothers in underdeveloped countries (for the most part Africa) who have found themselves as the sole provider for their Grandchildren due to the fact that their parents have died form aids. These Grandmothers have a very hard life as they must struggle just to provide food, let alone a safe healthy home to live in.

The ladies in Kelowna have taken up the challenge and are making bags that they sell and then give the proceeds from the bag sales to the "Gifts to Grandmothers" organization.

Everyone attending the meeting said that they would like to made bags, and they felt that the perfect opportunity to sell them will be during our "Quilt Show" in the Spring.

Linda has given me a link to the web page that tells you a little bit about the Group "Gifts to Grandmothers".

I have sent off a email letting them know that we would like to become involved. As soon as they send me back information about their program, I will let the group know.

We have several great "Bags" that we have made as a group in the past. ... I also have a really neat, easy to make shopping bag that you fold up into its self, and it can easily fit into your purse. These bags will make up very easily, and take very little fabric to make.

We could also make bags from recycled clothing ...Corrie G. has made some really nice bags that she made from jeans that she purchased from the "Thrift Shop". So at the Nov. QDO we should have some sound ideas, and patterns established, and for those who would like to participate in this activity we can start making some bags!

Please check the side bar and look for the link" Gifts for Grandmothers. If you click on this link you can go to their web site and learn more about the program at you own leisure.


Anonymous said...

Hey Pam...the link doesn't seem to link up...I tried a couple of the others you listed and they work...sooooo
Have a good one

Pamela said...

Hi cr ...I tried the link and it works for me and it works for a couple other ladies, perhaps the site was down briefly when you tried. Could you give it another go, and let me know.
Thanks, ps

Anonymous said...

Nope...doesn't work...
The other sites work fine..

Anonymous said...

Thanks the site is very informative...looks like a great group of ladies...and a worthy cause..

Anonymous said...

Whew! the Gifts for Grandma's finally works for all! ps