Sunday, October 19, 2008


Just a quick reminder that on the next QDO Dorothy will lead you in the making of a "Puzzle Piece Table Topper"

The supplies needed are:

Freezer paper.
2 sheets of regular writing paper.
1/4 " iron on bias tape in black or any color that works well with your fabric.
4 pieces of Iron on light interfacing about 13"x13"
4 pieces of backing about 13"x13"
4 (min) up to 7 colors of fabric, (light, med light, med dark, dark etc.) about 1/8th. of a meter of each
4 pieces of thin iron on batting if you have it, regular will work (bring some spray basting if you do not have the iron on batting)
Fabric to make 1 1/2" wide binding to go around each square. (the same as the backing works well)
Scissors to cut paper
and of course your sewing supplies.

This little topper would look great made up using Christmas fabrics!

If you would like to have a peek at the project, Dorothy has hers down at HomeHardware just ask Dorothy or if she is out ask Troy, as he will know where it is.

Thanks Dorothy for leading this mini workshop in advance!

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