Sunday, July 20, 2008

KITWANGA "QUILT IN" 2008 - Date Chane!

This letter came to me via mail from Anne - Pres. of Kitwanga Quilters. 

Due to Circumstances beyond our control the kitwanga "quilt In' 2008 has had to move our weekend.  ORIGINALLY it was to take place Set. 25th- 28th./08. Our School District will be going back to a 5 day school week in  2008, hence our original weekend is a NO GO. We do realize this will be an inconvenience to some, but there is not a "Heck" of alot we can do about it.
Any Questions/Concerns, please call Anne.  

The NEW DATE: For the Kitwanga "Quilt In" 2008 will be October 2nd. - 5th./ 08.
Thanks....Anne -Pres. Kitwanga Quilters.

So ladies please take note, and if you will not be able to attend on the new date please let Anne know as she has a waiting list for ladies who would like to attend.

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