Sunday, January 20, 2008

January 12 Quilters Day Out!

Yet another Community Quilt Completed!

The Ladies who attended the Quilters Day Out on January 12th. Certainly made those sewing machines hum! From the Fabric Sample books they cut and pieced a wonderful traditional Scrappy Quilt! Although I was not able to attend, I have it from a "Reliable Source" (I always wanted to say that ! ) Everyone had a great day.

Along with the Quilt Top they also made Two Pillow Tops to match! The talent and enthusiasm continues forward and onward!

Sharon took home one of the Friendship Quilt tops to hand stitch the binding on.

With help from the ladies attending that day, Jocelyn and the girls pick out the pattern for the Community Quilt she will be leading. So she will be going around to the quilt shops here in Houston, to find the fabric for it and we will be able to help piece that one together soon also!

For one of our Quilters Days out it was decided to do a Table Runner project. Linda H. has a couple of patterns that were considered, if you would like to make one of these please let Linda H. know.

Linda tells me that Christie joined in at the last Quilters Day Out and she appeared to enjoy the process of the making of the Community Quilt. So we all hope that she will be able to join us again in the coming months!

Also Linda J brought a quilt top that she has recently finished, and Jocelyn brought the quilt she made for her Mom this Christmas for show and tell also! You will find these two photo in the "Fliker Photo Gallery" soon.

So that pretty much sums up the last Quilters Day Out! I for one have one Question .... Did Deb Make those Delicious Cinnamon Buns as her hostess goody and I missed out???


Anonymous said...

Sharon has finished putting the binding on the quilt and has given it back to me. Where does it go next?

Anonymous said...

Bring it to the next quilters day out I would suggest and then we can perhaps deliver it on that Saturday? Or make the arrangements for delivery then.
I will be bring down the other one, and the Venetian Blind one that we made also as it needs to have the borders finished on it before it is quilted.

Anonymous said...

ah are alive!!!
See you on Saturday!! I wonder if Deb will bring the buns!?