Saturday, January 26, 2008

January 26th. Quilters Day Out!

Sorry I do not have a photo of the Community Quilt that Jocelyn is leading the making of.

However for those of you who were not able to attend this Q.D. I can tell you it is "Fantastic"!

All the ladies jumped in and started to build the quilt. I dropped in at 10:30 am for a few minuets, the chatting was cheerful and excited, and the Roller Cutters where busy cutting fabric for the quilt top. When I returned at 2:00 p.m. they had several rows of the quilt top finished and Mary R. was feverishly working on the border blocks.! (Well perhaps not quite feverishly, but with enthusiasm that is for sure!)

It is going to be another top to be proud of! I hope to bring my camera to the next Q.D. and put a picture on the web then.

One of the "Friendship" block C.Q's, was completed! and Pamela has taken it home to make the Label for it. So it should return to the next Q.D. completed.

Also a kind person in Houston who makes flannel PJ's, donated her scraps to us to use however we would like. The girls did some brain storming, and they decided to take the scraps and make them into strips,squares, or even triangles. Once all the scraps have been made into shapes, then we can sew them together in what ever fashion you choose and make some quilts tops.

You can make them for your own use or we can make them for donation, it will be totally up to each individual person what they want to do.

Pamela suggested for a different fun challenge we could have a "Quilt War" at one of our Q.D.O. ....okay so what is a "Quilt War?" you ask. Well it is an activity that she experienced at one of the Kitwanga Quilt Ins. It was a gas! It worked something like this ...

Everyone attending were put into teams of 2 or 3 people. Then each group was given a package of premade fabric squares, batting, and backing and binding matial to make a Premee Incubator Quilt.

At the word go, each group would take their given package of fabric, design a quilt top using only the given fabric, sew the blocks together, sandwich it, quilt it and bind it.

Each person from the team had to sew at least one row of blocks, was the only rule.

The team who completed their quilt first won a little prize. ... each team continued on and in the end several little quilt's were completed.

Mary R. and Sharon M also participated in the "Quilt War" and agreed that it was great fun and at the end of the day several complete little Quilt's were complete and donated to the "Children's Hospital" in Vancouver!

So were did the "War" come in? I really am not sure perhaps it was just the race to be the team who finished first. and just the excitment of the the challenge.

It took on average about 1 to 2 hours to complete. With lots of laughter, encouragement and yes even a few attempts at trying to distract an opposing team, all in fun of course!

So if anyone would like to do this perhaps latter this spring, then we could consider doing that with some of the scrap shapes that we will be making from the donated flannel scraps we are making and donate the quilts to a charity of our choice.

Let us know what you think.

 this last Q.D.O activities.

See you again nextime. Until then remember...

"One Gal's Scraps are another Gal's Quilt!"

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