Thursday, December 6, 2007


Always miss those scheduled quilting shows on TV. They just don't jive with your day by day life style.

Well have I found a site for you!

Quilters News Network has the same TV shows that you couldn't watch available for you to view on your own chosen time frame!

Features people like: Eleanor Burns TV programs, Kaye Woods, Alex Anderson, Linda's Long Arm Quilting,...and many many more!

Each day they feature one or two free to view programs ,..this morning I viewed a Quilt as You Good Flying Geese Table Runner!

Now if you would like access to the full featured TV programs that you have missed then for for only $24.00 for a one year subscription you can have access to 100's of TV Series Programing! Watch these programs anytime of the day or night!

As you can tell ... I just joined up for the Full Meal Deal ... It is Awesome!! best $24.00 one year subscription I have bought in years! Do I hear "Santa calling?!"

Anyhow the link is here on our blog check out the Free programing for yourselves, and see what you think!

Happy Quilting! Pamela

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Anonymous said...

Pam...Can you get this through the satellite dish? I have Star Choice, is that what you are talking about?