Monday, December 3, 2007

Trailer Fire Destroys Family Home!

It is with heavy sadness I am writing this posting!

On Sunday morning a families home was completely destroyed in the Ambassador Trailer Park. Everyone did get out safety, however it is believed that the family did not have house insurance. All of their belongings have been destroyed.

As we will be getting together for the Dec. 8 UFO date, I am wondering if we could put our sewing machines into high gear, and put the sashing on the community quilt that we have ready to sew up ... made with our Friendship blocks?

Also, I have been informed that a fire last week destroyed the home of another family between Houston, and Uplands trailer court. This home was previously the home of Palmer and Vi Peterson, it is my understanding that their son was living in the home. I hope to bring the fabrics from the sample books that have been donated to us, and cut out the blocks for a quick and simple quilt on Dec. 8 that we might be able to sew together. I might suggest that we do the "Victorian Shadow" block like the one that we made and gave to Charlie & Joyce Reitsma. This quilt only took the 4 of us one afternoon to cut out and sew together. It could be done again, if the hands are available.

And of course there is the family in Topley who have lost their home also. Ideas?....

So, if it works for you then your help will be most appreciated to put together a couple of quilts for those less fortunate that is for sure.

Take care, Be safe. Pamela

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