Saturday, December 8, 2007

QUILTERS DAY OUT Dec.8th. Production Girls!

Well it was a cold cold day outside,... however the quilting room in the library was not feeling the cold at all!

With Roller Cutters, and Sewing Machines moving forward at full speed the ladies were able to produce 3 community quilt tops!! They truly did out do themselves!

Attending this Saturday were: Jocelyn, Dorothy, Deb, Ena, Karen, and Pamela. Linda J and Mary F were able to drop by and visit with us for a time.

Ena brought the friendship squares for the two community quilts and Pamela brought the sample book fabrics.

In no time at all we had the sashing and borders on the two Friendship block quilts, and the blocks cut, and sewn together for the Sample book Quilt.

We decided to make another  quilt out of this fabric. We decided to do  the same pattern quilt top that we made and gave to Charlie and Joyce Reistma 

By 5:00 p.m. we had the  quilt top with the sashing between the blocks all in a row. Pamela hopes to be able to get the rest of this quilt top done by Wed. She will bring all 3 quilt tops to the Christmas Party at Dorothy's for everyone to see. At that point we will only need to quilt the tops!

Karen MacArthur said she had a great time! It reminded her of what she thought an "old fashioned quilting bee" might have been like ! Everyone there agreed that is was great fun and we all felt really satisfied with what we accomplished!

The meeting was "brief" as we were all so busy sewing ... however Ena did suggest that perhaps we could consider doing something other than a friendship block exchange for the 2008 quilting year. Everyone there agreed that it is a good time to try something else as a group activity.

Deb pointed out that she would still like to be able to produce as a group, blocks for community quilts , which we all agreed we wanted to continue to do this also. Making "Community Quilts" are a very important part of the dynamics of this quilting group.

So at the January meeting we will be brainstorming for a new group activity, and also perhaps we could all produce just 2 or 3 blocks that will be destined for the Community Quilt tops.

We will make sure to discuss this in more detail at the January meeting!

To sum it up, we all went home this Saturday with a very satisfied feeling of "accomplishment" and "commradship" It was "Grrrreat!" as I have hear said before!

For those of you who will be able to attend the Christmas Party on Wed. Dec. 12th. at Dorothy's we will see you there!

For those of you who will not be able to make it ...

Best of the Season to you and your families .... and may Good Health and Prosperity find you in 2008!


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Anonymous said...

Gosh darn, wish I was there!!! The Wrestling tournament in Smithers went well, and so it seems that Dec. 8th was a good thing! I look forward to seeing the quilts at Dorothy's on Wednesday...
And now I should get to the baking!!