Friday, November 16, 2007


For those of you who were unable to attend the last Quilters Day Out / Meeting. You might want to know more about the Fat Quarter Exchange.

This exchange is the annual "Birthday Exchange" which is traditionally done at the Christmas Party.

The theme this year for the FAT 1/4'S is "BATIKS".

The size of the FAT 1/4 is..... 18" x 22" which works out to be 4 fats per meter.

You still have a chance to participate if you want to join in. However need to let Coralee know your intentions NO LATTER THAN NOV. 24TH. (SATURDAY).

After that date Coralee will tally up the number of participants, and I will post the number on the blog, so that those who are doing it will know how many fat quarters to perchase.

Just a little note...check out Pamela or Gayle for great Batik fabrics.
Pamela will keep track of what Batiks have been purchased for the exchange so that there need not be repeats of the same fat quarters from her fabrics.

Happy Quilting

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Anonymous said...

There are 13 of us that wish to do the Fat Quarter - Batik exchange...they don't have to be washed...just have to be 18 X 22 in size.
See you on Saturday..