Tuesday, November 13, 2007


NEWS FLASH for all you Cookie exchange Ladies!!!

I now have the result of how many participants, So here is the information you need:

When: Bring to the Cutloose Christmas Party - Friday, Dec. 14 - 7pm at Ena's

How much: You must make 8 1/2 dozen of something (Cookies or Bars)
8 dozen to be exchanged with the others, and 1/2 dozen to share that evening at the PARTY!!
(This number will not change, as there will be no others added to the exchange list
as of Nov. 12/07)

1/ You must package the cookies in 1/2 dozen lots and place on a small paper plate and cover with clear wrap. The total plates will be 17.
2/ You must attach a "recipe card", containing the recipe of course :), to each of the plates you have made up.

3/ If you make a Square of Bar type of cookie…please make sure it is at least the size of a cookie which for this exchange will be approx 1 ½ X 1 ½ inch square.

4/ Deb Jenks has a computer template that you can use for the recipe card…then you only need to type it out once!! tra la tra la….

5/ Cookies/Bars should not have been previously frozen.

6/ If you happen to know the cookie/bar you are going to make…please tell Coralee…just so we don’t have duplication….

Happy Baking…, any questions please don’t hesitate to ask…


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