Friday, November 16, 2007


Ena has asked if we could possiably change the Christmas Party date to Dec. 12th. as she has a serious conflict of activities for the 14th. (Seems that she can not be at two places at one time ...hmmmm!)

Unless someone else would like to host the Christmas Party on the 14th. I think that it would be a good idea to change the date to the 12th. of Dec. is your chance, if you object or want to hold the party at your home just leave a "Comment" at the end of this posting no latter than Nov. 24th.

Otherwise Dec. 12th. will become the new Christmas Party Date at Ena's.

I will firm it up on the Blog after the 24th.


Anonymous said...

Works for me. It was looking like I wasn't going to make the party on the 14th so this suits me fine.


Anonymous said...

Works good for me as well...look forward to seeing the baking!!and fat quarters...

Anonymous said...

I'm fine with the 12th as well. Also Karen from the library called and she is wondering if anyone would like to volunteer to make some puppets for a christmas puppet show. In exchange for a free saturday or two. If anyone can help out contact her directly. Also...ECD Committee is looking to have a banner commissioned. If anyone or group of people is interested contact Karen, she has more info.

Anonymous said...

Hello out there in Blog land!! Just thought I would post this case you are checking the blog...
There are 13 of us that want to do the Batik - Fat Quarter exchange...Happy shopping!! See on Wednesday, Dec. 12 for the big PARTY!!!