Friday, August 12, 2011

Spring Retreat 2011

Wow! ..seems like it was just yesterday! This summer has proven to be so cool and wet that I feel that summer has for the most part passed us by!

That being said ... Spring Retreat was a Wonderful Success once again!

It was great to see and renew our quilting friendships!, and to welcome new quilters!

Many Quilts were completed and/or put well onto the road of completion! Lots of Giggles! and Fun was had by all!

The door prize entry request this year was "Bring a Quilt for Your Bed!"

Wow!! Deb and I had the pleasure of photographing the beds adorned with their fine dressings!

What a spectacular display of talent, color, and energy!

I would like to share with you the photo's we took, please forgive me if some of the bed quilts are missing...unfortunately only being a "home photographer" some of my photo's didn't come out as clear as they need to be to post on the sincere apologies if I missed your bed quilt!!

Hope you enjoy once again a stroll past the beds at Rock Nest Spring Retreat 2011!!

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