Sunday, January 9, 2011

QDO Welcomes in 2011!

A energetic group of ladies gathered on Saturday for the first QDO in 2011!

Unfortunately a few members were unable to attend...Get well wishes go out to Ena! who has the flue...)<; We were happy to see Linda feeling a bit better! Coralee and Anne where both out of town but should be back for the next QDO!

Remember to email Jocelyn if you want to participate in the mini workshop she is leading the next quilters day out! She will have all the details for you! There is some prep. cutting to do in order to participate so do not dillydaddle if you want to participate in the fun!

Here are some photo's from the last QDO

Pamela was delighted to return to Jocelyn her "Block of the Month Sampler Quilt" all quilted! We are all waiting to see it once again when the binding is on!

A Great little Quilt that is now completed and will held in ready as a Community Quilt! 

Another Community Quilt that is finished..note the angled corners! Really nice variation! 

And YES! Kim! WE LIKE IT! So it is official!...this quilt can have a home in any of the homes of the quilters who  attended the last QDO! 

Okay! so what is this?..your guess is as good as mine! Seems I hit the shutter button instead of the off button during the meeting...Hmmm! 

The meeting was extensive and much was covered. 

It was great to receive the feedback letters from the Smithers Ladies, with regards to the Rough Acres Fall Retreat. This has helped us to make some  adjustments to our plans for the Spring Retreat! All comments were noted and will be acted on to the best of our abilities.. 
Jocelyn will be sending out the min. from the meeting and contacting various committee heads that were not able to attend,.. to catch them up on the actions voted on and passed at this meeting.

And so...the New Year has begun! With the meeting adjourned, and a delightful lunch in our tummies (Thanks Kim for jumping in and helping Ena out with preparing the lunch!) And the goodies were Delightful! ..gotta love those peanutbutter marshmallow squares!! and Dark chocolate cake with brown sugar icing and....and..! Everyone returned to working on their various projects! 

Looking forward to the next QDO on January 22nd.! See you all there!

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Ena said...

I knew I would miss a good QDO and it looks like it was awesome! Thanks again KIM for jumping in and taking my turn. ALso thanks to the other ladies who offered, you know who you are! I was overwhelmed with love and told to stay in bed by many of you and just felt so thankful for 'my quilting friends'

Love the pictures of the quilts. Hope I do get to see the real thing sometime. Have a great week everyone. I am on the mend. The sunshine today is just good medicine!