Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year!

Sending out the Wishes for the Best of 2011 to everyone in our group! Hoping that 2011 will bring to you and your families and friends only the best of life and health!

And I hope that the kindness you have given to others returns many times to all of you and your family.

                                           My Quilting Resolution

                                       Another year, another Quilt
                                         To start my cutters on.
                                       This time I'll forget old habits
                                         And no UFO's will abound!

                                     I'll take one little stitch...
                                       And then I'll take one more,
                                     Only my good habits and potentials
                                        Will I totally explore!

                                    I'll keep all my projects in focus,
                                        (what ever they may be??..)
                                       In hope to  be so inspired;
                                    To complete them yes .."Tut Sweet"!
                                   (Whew!..as I am typing this....
                                       I'm getting pretty tired!)

                                   I'll give up all bad habits;(hmmm!?)
                                     I'll listen and learn a lot!
                                  All My Quilts will be finished,
                                      Sigh.....or.. maybe not?!

                              Oh well, Happy New Year Everyone!

All the best!....Pamela

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