Monday, July 20, 2009

Kim's Storm at Sea!

Another Storm at Sea is Completed!

Kim wrote.....Since my "Storm at Sea" did not "wave", it was difficult to decide what on earth to do with it. Then the idea came to me...... I have a very close friend who lives in Amsterdam, Holland.

She loves Canada and would like to one day live here. She was here last summer and will be returning for a visit this August.

Since my Quilt Colors were red/white/black, I decided a Canadian themed quilt would be cool!

It has become a photo memory quilt. All of the pictures I used were taken by my friend last year and they all have some special significance for her!

The border fabric is Canadian themed, as is the backing fabric.

I think that she will love it! and I am very please with the end result, even though it certainly is not what I had in mind when I began!

"If you would like to have a enlarged view of Kim's quilt just place your mouse pointer on the photo and click on it, it will open in a new window as a large image!"

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Ena said...

WOW Kim that is amazing and so much thought into something special for your friend. She will definitely love it. Ena