Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I know it is early to be thinking about it for most ... but Coralee and I have booked our rooms in Calgary for Quilt Canada 2010! April 26th.-May1st.

Check out their web page:  www.canadianquilter.com/events/index_events_quiltcanada2010.htm

then click on : "read newsletter"

it will give you info. about this most wonderful event!!

Remember you do not have to reg. for classes, you can easily find many many hours of entertainment browsing the many quilt shows and visiting the "merchants mall"  80 merchants will be there! WOW!

Knowing how quickly all the close hotels will be filled we decided to reserve our rooms now! Coralee did some careful sleuthing and came up with an economical and yet 'very handy" hotel.
It has a LRT Station close at hand. And is about a 10-15 min.ride to the convention centre. The hotel we are book into is .. "The Days Inn Calgary South."

This particular hotel allows you to cancel your reservation no latter than 4:00 pm on the previous day with out any penalty!  So really there is no risk to you to register in advance as long as if you change your mind, you cancel by April 23rd!

The LRT has a station adjacent to the Convention Centre. 

So come on girls! It is an event to take in...a truly inspirational week, and it would be soooo much fun if "you all could come!"

If you would like more info remember to check out the web page above, or call Coralee or myself for more details .............Lets "Whoop it Up" in Calgary!

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Anonymous said...

I can hardly wait to see the CQA information in August....here's hoping we can get into some courses...even one would be nice!