Sunday, January 11, 2009

Looking forward to 2009!

Well a lively and active group of ladies gathered together at the library for our first QDO 2009!

Deb quickly had everyone organized and in no time at all the girls had the blocks laid out for the quilt top she was leading.

Lots of thoughts, suggestions, and swapping soon had the colorful array of 6 1/2" squares laid out in a beautiful wash of jewel tones and soon the girls were busy chain piecing the blocks to the black sashing!.

Linda and Sue and Mary had us organized with a quick way to attach the sashing ....(always love to learn new time saving techniques!) and by the end of day the quilt top was finished except for the borders which Deb said she would do herself at home!

Lots of photo's were taken , however I need to get them from Deb. So expect to see photo's of the quilt at a later date is Awesome!

A quick meeting was held. and Lots of decisions were made! (gotta love that!)

Our Quilt Show will be held in conjunction with the Houston Trade Show in Sept. We will set up on the Thursday, to open our doors on Friday morning, and Saturday. Pamela will check with Rod with regards to using the same room as last time.

This time will be easier as we all have the wonderful forms and methods set forth by Linda J. last time, and we know how to set up the room. So as soon as the room is confirmed, we can send out a notice to all quilters that we would love to display their quilts in our quilt show.

The Quilt for Harvey Scott (house fire) will be delivered on Sunday Jan. 18th. I hope that lots of ladies will come out and join me on this date to make the delivery. I have sent an email to all of you with regards to where and when and what time.

The Quilt that Deb is quilt Mom for has a home to go to. It will go to a local person who is battling cancer.

The Quilt that Sue is Quilt Mom for (the house block's) .. it was decided that one will go to someone who has lost their home due to fire., and at this time does not have a home.

The ladies would like to make and give to another one of our local ladies a flannel quilt. This person has been in hospital in PG for many months now and will likely be there for much longer.

As we would like to make this quilt as soon as possible, I will be available on Sunday after we deliver the quilt to Harvey Scott at my house to assemble a flannel rag quilt. If anyone would like to help that is great!

I am looking for pastel or light colored floral, or light plain fabrics, of Flannel! We will be making the squares 61/2" square.

I have the batting. We have made one of these quilt before in an afternoon and I am confident that we will be able to do this again. If you need any further information please email Pamela, and she will get back to you.

It was decided to ask Donna if she would come and teach another quilting course this year on the Mothers Day weekend. The technique requested was Cathedral Windows ... the easy method!

I spoke with Donna this morning ...and she is excited to come and do this again. It appears at this time is a go with her.

So get ready girls Feb. we will be asking for a commitment for who will be attending after which we will take a head count and if there is room for non members to come we will invite them at that time.

So it was a busy day .. but lots was accomplished! Heidi finished her Fall color Friendship Block exchange quilt top! She did some really interesting borders on it! It is a real Wow!

Mary Anne from the Credit Union stopped by and had a look at the quilt tops that we are making with their funds and was really pleased with were we are going with them and was very enthusiastic and encouraged us to apply again for funds as they feel that what we are doing is a great thing for Houston.

She also is just starting to quilt, and may at some time in the future join us!

Well that pretty much sums up the day.

Thanks Andy for the Yummy Chili!!! and Mary for the awesome herb bread, and muffins!

Happy Quilting!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update,Pam...sounds like lots of action going on!
I will look forward to seeing the quilt top from Saturday's busy time!
See you next Sunday...