Sunday, January 11, 2009

Color Wash!

Well the next QDO for those who want to participate will be lead by Suzanne and she will show us how to make a small color wash item.

The finished project will be about 36"x36" and can be used as a wall hanging or a table centre cloth or what ever you like.

For this technique everyone will be asked to bring as many pieces of small print floral fabric ranging from lights to darks!

The basic technique is strip sewing so do not cut your fabric up into small squares!

Now it must be remembered that they should be Small Prints and "NOT" have very much Background color showing. (so the prints should cover most of the fabrics surface.)

Also when choosing the Dark fabrics keep in mind that both the Print and the Background is Dark. (so a dark print with a light background is Not a good choice! or a Dark background with a light print does not work well either!)

If you are short in your stash we will be sharing amongst each other.

However we hope that everyone will be able to bring at least 8 pieces of print fabric light to dark. 1/2 meter of each of the 8 would be great. Fat quarters will work, but would need lots more fabric of course.

If you have more than 8 - 1/2 meter pieces that you would like to bring and share that will be great also!

So that is the prep for the Color Wash ... see you at the next QDO it will be fun!


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