Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Just a quick reminder that our Quilters Day out is this Saturday at the Library!

I will be bringing down the "Stepping Stone" Community Quilt for those who would like to lend a hand at tying the quilt that would be great. If you have any "Worsted Knitting Wool" in any color that you would like to share for the tying of the quilt that would be great also.

It is also our meeting day, some topics that will be talked about are:

The giving of the community quilts.

Workshop fees for those who are not members of our group.

Pot Luck food list.

The "Quilt War" to be held at the next Quilters Day Out.

And of course any other topic that might arise.

I hope to see all of you on Saturday!

Take care, and remember....One Quilting Project, like One Cookie,....IS NEVER ENOUGH!



Anonymous said... are right!!! cookies cookies, Air Canada is famous for cookies!!I think I would rather been quilting? However, it's good to be travelling. Have arrived safe and sound...Have the crane quilt and it looks great with the quilting Barb I'm happy!! I'm off to a Saskatoon quilt shop that should be interesting...I'm sure that it will start the day off in the right direction!!!...then it will be onto the tournament and all that it holds for me...for the next four days!
Want to wish you all a fun time on Saturday!! I will look forward to pictures of the last two quilts all finished up and ready to give away...
Bye from Saskatoon!!

Anonymous said...

Hello from Saskatoon....I will be thinking of you all tomorrow at the library, sharing your talents...ideas, and working on your quilts...Have fun...Everything is going well, one day down and two more to go!!
Take care..

Anonymous said...

Hi cr! I am sure that you are keeping really busy!
Hey we will have 4 community quilts finished by the end of this weekend. I will be putting one on my frame tomorrow. We miss you! Have fun! ..and remember, we are going to work from our stashes right!! (of course if you are inclined to find a fat quart of great interest.. I mean really that is so small! it doesn't count.. right!)

(<: ps

Anonymous said...

Hi Pam
Great to be back home after all our travels. Just to let you know I will bring some muffins for the workshop. See you soon.