Monday, March 24, 2008

Community Quilts Coming Along!

A quick recap of where we are with the Community Quilts for those of you who have not been able to make it to the past few Quilters Day Out.

The two Friendship Block Quilts are finished complete with labels.

The Quilt that Jocelyn has been leading the making of is ready for the Quilting Machine, and may be at this time on it or even finished!

The Community Quilt made up of rectangular "stepping stones"  Deb has finished the borders. I will bring that one to the Quilters Day out on the first Saturday in April and for those people who want to lend a hand can help to "Tie" that one. Also if you have any "Yarn" and large eye needles you are more than welcome to bring it for use on the quilt. As it is a "Scrappy Quilt" using ties of many colors will look really great on it! 

The last one is the "Venitian Shades" Linda H is putting on the borders and Pamela will put this one on her Quilting Machine and have it ready for the April 26th. Quilters Day Out.

So I must say ....Hats off to all of you who have been working so hard making these quilts ...."Well Done!"

Quilt War is still a go for April 26th.!  So I hope you will all have the flannel scraps ready, this should be a great "Fun Event"

Until latter ... keep on Quilting!


Anonymous said...

You will have to take many pictures so that I can see the war upon my return to Houston!!!
Nice to see you are online, Pam!! I bet you love your new laptop!!eh?
take care...oh yes, the cranes are done!!
Now onto the t-shirt quilt!

Anonymous said...

Will do CR ... I will take a couple of little video's also!
I checked out the Crane Quilt ... what can one say ... it is Awesome!

Gotta love staying "on line!".


Anonymous said...

The "L" quilt is finished and in Sue's hands to be given to Jocelyn. It just needs a label on the back and then it will be ready to give to the family.
Have a good April...