Sunday, February 10, 2008


BRrrrrrrr! Can you hear my teeth chattering?! Wow it was one cold cold day last Saturday Morning a perfect day to spend indoors sewing! It seems that a good number of girls thought the same thing, and we had a great gathering of "Stitchers" at the QDO at the Library! We were also happy to welcome a new member to our group and to our Community. Val has recently moved to Houston from Shearwater! Val and her Husband have chosen to retire in Houston and she wants to start Quilting, so having met Corrie she was happy to hear about our little group and came on Saturday to meet us all. In no time she was chatting with us all, and sitting hand stitching on the Community Quilt Binding! Yep ... she is initiated and one of "the girls" now! Thanks Val for taking the quilt home to finish sewing on the binding!

As it was the first meeting of the month we also held our little informal meeting.

Deb brought up the subject of opening a bank account at the Credit Union. She had looked into it, and we can have a "no service charge" account as we are a non profit community group. We will just have to purchase a booklet of checks for a nominal fee. However we needed to have some "official heads of the group and minuets of a meeting stating that this is what the groups wishes to do, and who the signing officers will be.
As we have a nice little nest egg of money thanks to the Credit Unions donation to be used to purchase materials for the making of 2 community quilts, everyone agreed that now was the right time to open an account. So quickly ... we voted in in a committee .... (Corrie pointed out she has been Treasurer for 3 years now and was hoping someone else would take it on) So here are your official committee members they are..
President -- Pamela
Secretary --- Corralee
Treasurer_-- Deb

Signing Officers need to already be members of the Credit Union so they are: Deb, Corrie, and Linda H.

Have no fear we are still the same bunch of "Fabric Friends" as before, and have no intention of changing that!

Also with regards to the "ONE BLOCK WONDER WORKSHOP" It is somewhat finalized!

Corrie brough a sample wall hanging that Donna sent up to show us what we can do. It was Awesome! We all had good look and fabric choices and speculations were soon flying around the room!

Pamela called Donna on her cell phone from the library and we picked a date to hold the workshop ..

It will be held on: May 9th. 10th. and 11th. Friday night Saturday and Sunday.

Cost as far as we know at this point will be $50.00 for members, a little more for non members, (that amount has not yet been determined.)

Corrie will look after the booking of the Seniors Centre. We have a 25 person cap on the workshop as Donna felt that this would be the most that she would like to have.

So we have tentatively started a list of members who "Believe" that they will be attending at this time:

The are: Pamela, +2 guests, Heidi and 1 guest ,Jocelyn, Sue J. Karen, Dorothy, Deb, Corralee, Linda J ,Linda H, Ena,Val, Mary R. Mary F, Corrie, Kirsty.

On the next Blog Posting I will give you more detailed info on what you will be looking for in fabric, and how much fabric you might like to consider purchasing etc.

If your name is not on the list and you would like to come or know of another person who would like to come please let Pamela know either by posting a "Comment " here on this blog, or emailing her. The count to date is 19 people! We have a couple of our past members to contact and see if they would like to come also. So get your names in right away as this workshop will fill up fast!

Also discussed was the "Crane Quilt" that Corralee is making and donating to the Cancer Society in order to help raise funds for Cancer. Lots of discussion was held as to if we wanted to hold a raffel, or just how we might go about raising money form the quilt for cancer. Karen will take all the ideas back to the Cancer Society and see which ones might work for us.

Some ideas banter about were :.....Raffel, (it would have to be a 3 month or less raffel liscense) or Sell squares at a set price and then donate the quilt to the "Relay for Life" group and use it as a door prize that evening. We could sign every bodies name on the back of the quilt who purchased a quilt square. They could purchase as many squares as they like. So Karen will check out all the possiablities from the Cancer Society's point of view and get back to Corralee on it. I hope that we will have a deccisioun on this by the next meeting in March.

So that pretty much covers the meeting ....and the rest of the day was spent sewing, and chatting of course! Several ladies were kept busy making the wonderful and fast "Table Runner" that Linda H. brough to show us how to make. As they were not all finished by the end of day, Everyone has prommised to bring them back to the next QDO so that we can get photo's of all of them .... they will be truley amazing!

Well enough "Blog Chatter" Hope you all have a good week a head! Take care, say safe and healthy .. and until next time
and Remember:

"May all your Ups and Downs in Life be only with Needles and Threads"

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