Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Quilters Day Out Sat. Oct. 16th.

It was a Great turn out for the Oct. 16th. QDO With only a few absent faces!

Big thank you to Kim who provided an awesome soup and yummy goodies for all...I hear via the grape -vine that the Cookies were a particular hit!
  (Recipes?? )

Linda brought the Ribbon Quilt that she Lead the making for that was made for Corrie...everyone who has seen it tells me it is awesome! Also Ena did a spectacular quilting job! 

Linda tells us that with each signature on the ribbons there was an outpouring of hope and prayer for a speedy recovery!

We miss your cherry face Corrie and exquisite work. We all wish you a speedy recovery and quick return to our little group! 

Around the Room ...Kim was working on a beautiful autumn table runner for her Mom, Mary F was adding to her blocks from Donna's Mystery quilt 2010 workshop.

 Mary R. and Sharon  were working on their Storm at Sea 2009 workshop ..hmmm I think there are a few more of those "Storm at Sea" projects to be completed yet .... ?

 Sue J was busy stitching more miles of purple bias for her Celtic Chain on the "One Block Wonder" quilt ! (Anyone else out there needing to finish one of these?  I believe that it was a 2008 Quilt Workshop. hmmm ...yup that would be me!)

Heidi was busy working on completing the "Last" of her House Blocks...although someone said they thought they saw her starting on another???

Anne was peacefully doing hand stitching on a beautiful Celtic Wall Hanging.

Coralee spent the day pondering her newest "Baby" ...a new quilting machine!

Kerstin Dropped by (Coralee's daughter) and showed everyone her 6-12th. Century Attires.. that she has made for a Period Dress Gathering  she was to be attending in town. ...

Linda proclaimed that she just "wasted the day" ..however we all know that she really was busy sorting through the G to G packages and now has them all recorded and ready for people to take away and sew. 

And then who should appear ??.... But Mary R with 4 completed G to G bags on her arm of which 2 were promptly snapped up!  

Suzanne and Jocelyn were busy little sewers and worked on making G to G bags.

Dorothy, Ena, Kirsty, and Val joined the group at noon for the meeting.

Notes of interest from the meeting.. are. 

--the group voted that there will not be a Spring Quilt Show this year  and we will instead look to  holding one the Spring of 2012 in conjunction with the Houston Trade Show.
--Charity Quilts: Suzannes friends from Terrace have graciously donated several blocks which Ena, and Coralee and anyone else interested may help sort through to see how many tops we can make.
--Deb applied for and received $600 dollars from the BV Credit Unions to put towards this years Quilt Making.  Anyone has ideas for quilts please let us know and we can plan ahead.
Pamela , Deb, Kim and Anne  are busy organizing a Community  Quilt for Pat who is battling Leukaemia, in the lower mainland Cancer Unit.

Workshops of note:
Retreat at Rough Acres in November has a waiting list.
Retreat at Rough Acres in the spring will be the last weekend in March. As this spring retreat is organized by our Group. ... Ena and Pamela will be looking for assistance in the preparations and will be calling on participants from our group to help out.
Spring Workshop with Donna Schmidt will be contacted for 2011 Spring Workshop..Ideas??? Coralee has suggested Bargello.

Please Remember to check the blog or email Pamela to book your hosting date, there are still several available! 

Also remember that if it is your hosting date you will need to pick up the key from the library before 5:00 pm. on Friday and you have to ask or help the ladies put the tables into the conference room on Friday evening as the library doesn't open until noon on Saturdays now and the Janitor Room will be locked!

Please note: with regards to the Quilt  for Pat... a number of ladies have contacted Pamela and indicated that they want to be a part of making this quilt. It will be worked on at Pamela's sometime during the second week in November. Exact date and time will be sent out to those who are interested in working on this quilt. Thank you to everyone who have indicated that they want to participate, I know that Pat will enjoy and receive confort from it during her time away from Houston. If you want to help out just email Pamela and she will make sure you are informed as to the exact date, time and place we will be putting it together!

Psssss! Yes .. our little blog page has been seriously missing some color lately...Pictures?? of Quilts you have finished, are working on would be graciously accepted ..please just email them as a jpeg to Pamela.

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