Sunday, April 11, 2010


31 Ladies came together this spring at Rough Acres to Participate in the 2nd BV Quilt Retreat!
What a Wonderful Group of Ladies!  Everyone made the very most of their weekend, many completing projects they had on the go, some starting new ones, and everyone sharing ideas, tips, and lots of laughter!

During the course of the weekend, this wonderful, giving group of ladies also  through the "Brown Bag Door Prize Draws"  and the Door Prizes we were able to  raise enough money to send 2 young people to "Kids Camp" this Summer at Rough Acres!!

Door Prizes were  donated by several of the local quilt shops in the valley,  Beerdas Dry Goods, Cut Loose Quilters G2G Bag, Fabrications, Heather's Log Cabin Quilt Works, Cut Loose Quilter Anne, In Stitches, and Pamela.

Many of the Ladies enjoyed the wonderful relaxing message given to them by "Becky"! a local Houston message person, all those tired shoulders from "sewing into the wee hours" were soon cast away!

On Sunday the "Quilt War" made up of 5 teams of 6 persons per team, in no time at all had turned 2 bins of scrap flannel into 5 wonderful small quilts that will be donated to the Smithers Hospital to be distributed to any "little person" who needs a soft "Cuddley" Blanket to help them through their time in the hospital, or transportation to out of the Valley Health Care.

The following photo's are a nice photo gallery of the week end activities! Enjoy looking back, and for those who were unable to attend, it will give you a quick glance at some of the activities on the weekend!

Once again ... All of you who participated are the ones who made the weekend so special! Without each of you there .... the rooms would have been very Quiet and lonely !

So until November when the Smithers Ladies bring us all back for another weekend of  ... Good Friendships, Good Sewing, and many many laughs! Enjoy this little trip down memory lane!

The tables are all set up and waiting for the Ladies to arrive!

Corrie is all ready to begin!

Friday Evening 8 p.m. the room is a buzz !

Getting settled in!

And so they begin!

But Wait!! Who is the Mystery Quilter?? Hmm, we will have to investigate this a little further in the weekend!

Are they "Singing?" "Doe a Deer a female Deer ... Ray a drop of golden sun! Me a name I call myself!... Help!!!

One Quilt Top Complete! This will make a little boy very happy!!


Due to the large number of photo's the remaining photo's will be available for viewing from the side bar through Fliker! 

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