Sunday, March 14, 2010

Quilters Day Out Sat. March 13th.

I think that Spring Fever and Spring Break for the School Children saw a lots of people traveling out of town this past week.  However a small group did come together to share ideas, and do a show and tell this past Saturday.

Pamela with Corrie's help led a  mini workshop of how to maintain your sewing machine. In no time at all we had 4 sewing machines cleaned, oiled, and humming right along. One of the ladies was a little surprised at how much lint was "hiding" in her machine!! She was the lucky person to receive a can of "Air"  because she had the machine with the most "Dust Bunnies"!

Coralee led us with a demo of how she joins her bindings together with a mitered union.  Very interesting method, she also gave us a hand out showing her method so if you would like to see or try this , talk to Coralee and perhaps she has some extra hand outs also.  Deb also showed us her method of joining her binding together using a mitered union. Both ways work very well, it is more a matter of what works best for you!

Coralee showing us how she sews on her bindings and joins them with a mitered corner.

Of course there is "Always one" person who is "a little on the left" of all methods and views things ..... lets say "Uniquely!" ... (D:

Coralee also showed everyone how she hand stitches her binding on the back. Her method produces a completely "Blind Stitch" binding!  Really nice finish!

Also ... Mary F showed us the "Blue Friendship" quilt top that she put together! 

Nice Quilt top Mary!

Which reminds me!! I have the blocks to this quilt in my "UFO Bin!"  But I must not be alone ...right???

Jocelyn assembled her "Magic Tile" Quilt top and now just has the borders to design and sew on.
Gotta Love those nice rich warm colors! 

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