Sunday, October 25, 2009

Quilters Day Out Sat. 24th.!

Good afternoon,
It was another great quilters day out at the  Library on Saturday. Heidi, her friend Lynn, Suzanne and I worked hard all day, and production was very evident by the time we left.

Heidi worked on her house quilt and finished one of the blocks, It is going to be a really gorgeous piece of quilt art when she is done

Lynn worked on a gorgeous flannel quilt that she is making for her spare room. Very warm colors and an interesting pattern. It will be a spectacular king size quilt when she is done.

Suzanne built the cushiest bath matt ever from scrapes of fleece. It was very attractive and will be wonderful to step onto after a bath.   The scraps were destined to be discarded by a woman who sews fleece jackets.  I love it when someone recycles and gets a beautiful and functional result!!!

I worked on G2G bags and finished four. I have done 12 bags now, so if anyone else wants to grab some kits and work on them at home home, just say the word and they are yours. I will be bringing the rest of the bags to the next QDO and I am hoping we can get a production line going and finish this batch up for the quilt show. Lynn purchased a finished bag on Saturday and took 4 kits home to sew for us. Very generous of her and very much appreciated by me.

Suzanne is having her annual Christmas sale on November 7th. At her home, and has generously offered to have some of the G2G bags at the sale.  Thanks Suzanne!!

Mary and Suzanne both picked up some beads for bags. We got some great bag bling now! Thanks to both of you!!

Heidi is double booked for the time period prior to the quilt show. Since she signed u to do the advertising for the show thinking it was in September, she would like to know if anyone could step up and take it on for her. If you can take this on or assist her, please give her a call or send her an email.  Thanks!!

Well, I hope those of you who are at Rough Acres had a great weekend and I look forward to hearing about it and seeing some finished products. Have a great weekend and see you at the next meeting.


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