Saturday, May 9, 2009

QDO Wind-Up!

Another year of great QDO and interesting, and challenging mini workshops, and of course the exciting "Storm at Sea" workshop is now all behind us! 

Time for most of us to turn towards, family, and outdoor activities, with just a sprinkling of quilting scattered in for the next 4 months, as we all try to get the most time outdoors enjoying fresh air , warm days, and sunshine!

I hope that everyone will have a great summer, with lots of adventures!  I for one am looking forward to 2 new grand-babies this summer, hiking, kayaking, and fishing on the ocean, with a good dose of gardening also! (with a sprinkling of Quilting in between!)

Everyone keep in mind that the Quilt Show is tentatively set for Sept. 11th/12th.

 I hope that we will be able to all have our "Storm at Sea" hanging ready for the Quilt show, along with several more new quilts (or old UFO"s finished for the show!)

I have also made the decision to pass the thimble on, and let the group know this at the "Wind-Up" . I am sure that someone will step forward soon and take on the position for the group. 

Deb is willing to remain as the "Money Lady" 

 I would like to thank her on behalf of the group for being so consciences  about bring in a Statement each month for all of us to see! As well as taking care of all the money business!

 Deb has also applied for another grant  from the Credit Union, so perhaps they will smile with favor on us and we will have funds to make more community quilts in the future!

I will remain on to maintain the if you have anything you would like placed on the blog page please email me the details and I will post it as quickly as possible.

So hats off to "All the Ladies" who have come out and joined our merry little group of Quilters, enjoy your summer!

See you all again in September!


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