Thursday, January 15, 2009

So How did we get this Project made?

Yep! the trusty "seam ripper" was put to good use on this day by more than one person I can assure you!
Pamela however seems to have the seam ripper technique aced! She attributes her fast zip method to years of practice! 

Then of course Sue thought that perhaps Mary could use a little trim!

Now what is this??? Check it out! Yep those are Pins!  Hey Mary !.... you are  pining!? 

Yes sir ... Mary had her head down and was hard at it pining her rows of color together ! 

Sue kept a close watch  .....

Well ........ through lots of dutiful diligence and sure lets face it a lot of fun! and laughs also! "The Quilt of Color" came together!  

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