Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Home for the House Quilt

Well it looks like we have a home for our "House Block" Quilt.  I am very sorry to say that the home of W and J Proctor burnt down today. So as soon as Sue is able to collect the last of the house blocks, and does a count of the blocks to see if we have 20 then we will move on to the assembly. 

 Sue will let us know this Saturday where she is at with the blocks , and where she will be going from there with regards to the assembling.

Also Coralee has nearly finished sewing the rag quilt blocks together, Sue and Ena came and did lots of snipping!  Sue will be sending out an email to everyone with regards to when , and were we will pass this quilt over to be delivered to PG. 

Hope to see all of you on Saturday .... Remember to bring your fabrics for the Color Wash mini workshop!

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