Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Yep it is getting Close now! The Cut Loose Quilters will be starting it out with a BIG SPLASH!

Saturday Dec. 13 from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM. It will be a Christmas Party --Quilters Day Out - POT LUCK LUNCH! (pssst...I hear that one item coming will be CHEESE CAKE!)

Nope you do not have to phone me and tell me what you are the true OLD FASHIONED WAY ...POT LUCK was just that, everyone brought their favorite dish and what was there is what we all enjoyed! ... (I know that we will not be disappointed or go hungry! I have seen what you girls can do! )

This year the party will be held at the home of Sue Jones!

Sue would like to remind everyone that she has an indoor "pool" so please feel free to bring your swim suit and towel!

Also if you want to sew bring your sewing machine as it is our QDO activity as well. If you want to participate in the "Ornament Exchange, and want to make it on that day at Sues ...that is good also! the ornament exchange works this way.....Bring an Ornament , take home an Ornament. We are hoping that they will be along the lines of a cloth ornament, something that you may have made ... seeing how we are Quilters. (<;

We will also do the cookie exchange at Sues, remember to check out Coralees email for details!

If you have your "HOUSE BLOCK" finished for the Community Quilt, please bring it along, we can all have a peak and talk about how we might put the blocks together!

Hmmm, now what else ......There will be a door prize of a Christmas Basket Valued at $50.00 Donated by Pamela...

Yes All Paid Members as of DEC. 13th. at 3:00pm will have their name put into the door prize draw! Regardless if you are at the Party or Not!! ...SO... if you have not paid your dues by Dec. 13th. your name will not be put into the draw!

Deb will gladly take your money for dues at the Party! Or if you can not make it, call Deb prior and make arrangment for payment ...or send your fees with someone who is going!

So that pretty much covers it!

Have a good week! See you all on SATURDAY!

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Anonymous said...

So how was it? A Big Splash???
No doubt good eats, good company, lots to share, and laughter!!
My wish for to have a safe and happy holiday...see you in the new year!!