Sunday, November 9, 2008

November 8th. QDO

We had a small but energetic group of ladies turn out for our QDO. UFO's were the projects of the day. Deb dropped in and gave us a financial Report and we discussed the "Gifts for Grannies" project. It wad decided that with regards to the Gifts for Grannies that we would set aside on QDO and work out a "Chain Gang" Style of productions and whip up several all at once. Some will be like the Kelowna's Bags, some will be the more simple style of a shopping bag that folds into itself, as well as some will be the bags we have made as a group before. We would like to have these bags made for Sale at the Quilt Show this spring.

We also talked about the two remaining quilts that we will be making using the Funds donated to us by the Credit Union.

Mary R. was busy sewing up her "House Block". for the "House Block" Community Quilt, and by the way she was assembling it she will probably have her block completed by the next QDO. Sharon shared with us the House pattern she has chosen also, (a stylized folk art house on a hill). Ena shared with us that she will be making a "Dog House" ! Ideas were fairly well flying around the room as to all the different types, methods, and styles of House Blocks that could be made! Our Little "Community of Houses" Quilt will be inspiring and fun to see and assemble that is for sure!

Deb brought two "Tubes" of 5" Squares that contain a Rainbow of Color, in a Batik type fabric, and shared with us a pattern idea that she was wondering if we would like to make up as the finial "Community Quilt" using the Remaining Funds from the Credit Union. We all agreed that it would be a great Quilt, so we will purchase the fabric from Deb, and she will be the Quilt Mom for this Quilt. It is a VERY easy pattern to make up, but so Striking! As all the squares are already cut for it, we need only to add the sashing to the squares, (which she will purchase the fabric for also) and we could easily sew this quilt top up at a QDO!

Sharon M was wondering if we would be interested in doing a mini workshop on a couple of Unique Borders. The two that she brought forward that she is interested in learning to make are: The Prairie Point Border, and a Scalloped Border!
We all thought that it would be a great idea, so Pamela will see about making arrangements to achieve this goal.

Now ladies Remember that even though we have several organized plans for the QDO ... if you just want to come and sew on your own projects ....please do! After all this is Your Quilting Day Out. Do not feel pressured to participate in a QDO project!

Each person comes to QDO for many different reasons, I personally hope that above all we take away with us a good feeling of sharing of ideas, learn new techniques, finish projects we just haven't gotten to, and above all the sharing of laughter and good friendships!

So on that note, I will sign off.

A Bed Without a Quilt is Like a Sky Without Stars!

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