Sunday, December 30, 2007

Call Going Out to All of You!

I can hardly believe that I am saying this again so soon ... Another home in Houston has bee destroyed by fire!
For those of you who are not aware the home of Joan and John Lumbardi burnt down this past week.

Jocelyn will take the lead this time ... and we hope to put out a "Community Quilt Top" at the next Quilters Day Out!

We could use all available hands, and sewing machines to achieve this end.

We will be using the fabrics that have been donated to us to use for this purpose, and I spoke with Jocelyn today and she has a perfect pattern picked out that we should all be able to pitch in and get the top done on Saturday.

Seeing how at the last Quilters Day out we cut out, and assembled one quilt top, and assembled the blocks of two others I know that we can manage this one "No Problemo!"

We all had a great day doing this last time, and we worked together like well oiled machines, with lots of co-operation, ... laughter, and giggles! Be Prepared now to have lots of fun in the process!

I hope that we will see as many of you who can make it at the Library on January 12! Cutting Mats, Rulers, and Sewing Machines oiled and tuned up to go!

Stay Safe, See you at the Quilters Day Out .... Pamela


Joc said...

Flicker page is great Pam and not so small if you select each individually, espec enjoyed the truffles!

Anonymous said...

hello from of green grass, blue sky, and warmer than ????
Unfortunately wrestling season will be upon me...and i will not be able to be part of the fun on Jan.12th...however, if you would like I could quilt it for the group after the top is made...
Sorry to hear about the fire...not a nice way to bring in 2008!
Off to the land of no phones, computers etc. tomorrow...hope the whales are swimming by! Take care.
Happy New Year to all!