Sunday, November 11, 2007

November 10th. Quilters Day Out and Meeting

It was a busy day for all! Advent Calendars, UFO's and lots of cheerful chattering! We also held our meeting at 12:00 and as indeicated by the email that Corralee sent out several topics were disscussed and decissions were made.

The Cookie Exchange is a go...please late Coralee know very soon if you are participating! Some of the cookies that will be made are: Whipped shortbread; raisen walnut spice bar (bars are okay but the squares must be cut "no smaller" than 1 1/2" X 1 1/2" square or larger!) Christmas Pinwheel cookie, & ginger snaps. check back often as the list is up dated!

Also we will be doing a draw of names for the remaining "unhosted" dates on Nov. 16th. so email Pamela or respond to this posting as to what date you would like prior to Nov. 16th. if you have a perferred date!

As soon as Heathers blocks arrive in the mail, I will take a photo of the blocks exchange blocks and post a photo of the block, with the name of the person who made the block, and the name of the block.

If by chance it has slipped your mind, this is a friendly reminder,....please send via email the permission note so that Pamela can post photo's with your image in it on the blog site. We have some beautiful quilts I would love to show on the blog page however most of the time at least 2 people are holding the quilts up for the photo ... so I need that permission note in order to put the photo's on the blog.

Well that is it for now, enjoy your week, check back frequently, and remember to check the "Links - List" as I try to add to it frequently ... this time there is a link to a really Cool! web page for Cookie Recipies from the "North Pole"!

Happy Quilting!

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